"From the moment Brian Geldin joined us as publicist for our film 'A Very Sordid Wedding,' he became an integral part of our team increasing our exposure and success! His creativity and wide-ranging skill set encompass all of the best aspects of a publicist and they are rounded out with an attitude and personality that make working together an incredible collaboration. The range of his abilities to find and create opportunities in multiple mediums is a huge advantage for any project, and we will be working with Brian on every project for as long as he will have us!"

-Del Shores, Director and Emerson Collins, Producer, A Very Sordid Wedding

"Independent film publicity can be a nightmare, but when you're working with someone as reliable, professional and friendly as Brian it can actually be a lot of fun. My film and I would have been lost without his help. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him and I hope we get to collaborate again soon!"

-James Dirschberger, Director, Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer

"Brian is an indispensable member of our core team at Cinema Eye. We know that he can tackle any task with enthusiasm and that he is a trusted representative of our organization."

-AJ Schnack, Co-Chair/Co-Host, Cinema Eye Honors

"If it weren't for Brian's professional interference, I would have had no idea how to reach out to the press and get notice. Instead, Brian's persistence has caused our festival to suffer through the largest amount and highest quality press that we've ever received over our five-year run."

-James Galus, Festival Co-Programmer, Royal Flush Festival

"Brian did a stellar job coordinating press for a premiere screening of A FILM ABOUT ANNA AKHMATOVA at Baryshnikov Arts Center. I was impressed with his determination, calmness and focus in the face of adversity and stress. I would love to work with Brian again and again. I felt my film was his baby, too. It wasn't just work for hire."

-Darya Zhuk, Producer, A Film About Anna Akhmatova, Gogol Bordello Non-Stop

"Thanks to Brian our DIY film Gogol Bordello Non-Stop got all the amazing attention and press it deserved at our North American premiere at AFI. I had so many interview requests, and press coverage I barely got to see LA for the first time. Thanks Brian! Finally someone who takes care of your film as if it was his own!"

-Margarita Jimeno, Director, Gogol Bordello Non-stop

"One of the greatest challenges as an independent filmmaker is raising awareness about your project and finding the right collaborators. Brian and his alter ego The Film Panel Notetaker are the perfect partners. As an Associate Producer of my short film "Blinding Goldfish," Brian was instrumental in helping my producing partner and I plan our fundraiser. His genius web strategy, connections in the indie film world and tireless efforts helped us to raise the money we needed to shoot our film. Brian's passion for filmmakers and their craft never ceases to amaze me. He is a true cinephile with a big heart and keen sense for helping independent filmmakers strategize and publicize their films."

-Jay Paramsothy, Director/Producer, Blinding Goldfish

"Brian has been a loyal production and publicity collaborator for dinomonster films for more than seven years. His commitment, expertise and professionalism have carried our productions to the next level as he's been vital to quality development and marketing considerations upon inception of our projects. He's a good friend and team player that I'd recommend for any level of production."

-AM Peters, Writer/Director/Producer, dinomonster films

"Brian is dedicated to his craft and will work diligently with you until you meet your goals. He is professional, flexible, and easy to work with. He genuinely seems to care about each and every client and getting their projects the best press and attention possible."

-Liz Nord, Director, Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land

"Brian came to me after reading my production listing in The Hollywood Reporter offering his services to put together a press kit for the film. He did an outstanding job coordinating all the elements, developing a nice rapport among cast and crew members, and generating some really great press during production and over the course of the film's award-winning festival run."

-John Reidy, Director, The Signs of the Cross